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PROFILING SAGEA MEMBERS - Published: 2016-10-09
Profiling SAGEA Members - Published: 2016-07-31
Profiling SAGEA Members - Published: 2016-06-23
Candidate Job Search Behaviour - Published: 2015-07-30
A graduate's perspective of online recruitment - Ronen Aires: CEO, Student Village -
Being clever about graduate recruitment - How Nestl eliminated unsuitable applications in 2015 and could spend 60% less on graduate recruitment in 2016. - Tiaan van der Spuy - Leaply / Fikile Tshabalala - Nestl South Africa
Chinese Lessons - changing our culture, changing our practices and changing our business - Graham Thompsett: Head of Talent Acquisition - Jaguar Land Rover
Connecting rural graduates to the workplace - Russell Davies - Director - Rural Education Access Programme
Coping with complexity - managing high volume, competency-based recruitment processes in an international context - David Bearfield - Director: European Personnel Selection Office, European Union
First impressions count, but are organisations able to deliver on their promises? - Amena Hayat & James Hu - Unilever South Africa / Lindsay Gibson - Top Employers Institute South Africa
Make the Most of You! Surviving and thriving through change: The journey from award winning employer to award winning careers service. - Bob Athwal: Director of Student Experience, University of Leicester
Managing your organization's digital footprint - Dave Jenkins: Director - GradConnection
My beloved South Africa - Abdullah Verachia
Problems in a growing market - Stephen Isherwood: CEO - Association of Graduate Recruiters
Transforming Culture Through Career and Personal Empowerment - Debbie Craig: Managing Director - Catalyst Consulting
“Do you speak Millenial”? - Jane Frankel - Learning & Development Manager: Dimension Data
Designing learning experiences for engaged learners - Celeste Stewart Director: Bold Curiosity
Grads up for grabs: Embedding a graduate programme in an entrepreneurial culture - Joanna Preston Head - Niche Talent Programmes: First National Bank
Leaders build Leaders - Rachelle Harmsey - Leadership Development Director Africa: Unilever & James Hu - Talent Manager Southern Africa: Unilever
Revolutions start with Science - Keynote: Saj Jetha - The Smarty Train
Seven Signposts Whitepaper - Korn Ferry Hay Group
Succession Matters - Agustina Mendez: Head of Expertise: Korn Ferry Hay Group South Africa
Succession Matters Whitepaper - Korn Ferry Hay Group
Targeted retention strategies for young talent – retain, rotate, replace - Debbie Craig - Managing Director: Catalyst Consulting
2016 QS Employer Guide - Employer Guide 2016 - QS
Benchmarking your Programme - 2008 SAGEA Press Release
Building Strategic Graduate Programmes - Core to your Talent Pipeline - Jen Morris
Global Benchmarks 2013 - INGRADA and Ben Reeves: Conference
Graduate Salary Benchmarks - Graduate Salaries 2004
International trends in Graduate Recruitment - Carl Gilleard: Conference
NACE conference - Taryn Sessel - QNE
SAGEA Awards - Awards Presentation 2013
SAGEA Conference_High Fliers.pdf - High Fliers Industry Benchmarks 2009
SAGEA CS Press Release - July 09.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2009
SAGEA CS Survey Press Release 2010.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2010
SAGEA CS Survey Press Release 2011.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2011
SAGEA GR Press Release - July 09.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2009
SAGEA GR Survey Press Release 2010.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2010
SAGEA GR Survey Press Release 2011.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2011
SAGEA graduate compensation survey 2005v7.ppt - Graduate Salaries 2005
SAGEA graduate compensation survey 2006v4.ppt - Graduate Salaries 2006
SAGEA Metrics Presentation -For Delegates.ppt - Ben Reeves - Metrics - Conference
SAGEA Rags to Riches Jan10.pdf - Teach First - Conference
SAGEA Student Survey_2008 Results.pdf - SAGEA Candidate Survey 2008
SAGEA Survey Awards Press Release 2013.pdf - SAGEA Awards Press Release 2013
SAGEA Survey Awards Press Release 2014.pdf - SAGEA Awards Press Release 2014
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2012.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2012
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2013.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2013
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2014.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2014
The Perils of Prognostication: U.S. Employment and Hiring Trends - Manny Contomanolis - Conference
The SAGRA Awards 2013 Press Release.pdf - SAGEA Press Release 2013
Benchmark your Bursary or Scholarship Programme - 2014 SAGEA Bursary and Scholarship Review
Dell Young Leaders Program - Thashlin Govender: QNE
Increasing Access and Support to Tertiary Education - First Rand Foundation and Silvester Hwenha: QNE
SAGEA Bursary Survey 2014 - SAGEA
Thuthuka - SAICA - Natalie Zimmelman - QNE
Unlocking Potential - how stories are at the heart of South Africa\'s Talent challenges - Potential at Work: Conference
Academic and Career Fair Calendar 2018 - Download the Academic and Career Fair Calendar
Career Service Contact Info Student Portals and Bursaries May 2017 - Career Service Contact Info Student Portals and Bursaries May 2017
Future of Jobs - World Economic Forum - Additional reading 2016
Future of Work - Ideation feedback - March 2016
Future of Work - Abdullah Verachia - Future of Work presentation March 2016
Building a Captivating Career Brand - Helen Bostock: Conference
Building Talent Networks - Kevin Wheeler: Conference
Collaborative Relationship Management - Keith Dugdale: Conference
Consumer 2 0 - Social Media for real results - Mike Saunders: QNE
Employer Branding - Michal Kalinowski: Conference
Hundreds and Thousands of Graduates - Mobile Technology - GradConnection: Conference
Internet Based Recruiting - Keith Dugdale: Conference
Internships - Challenges and Opportunities - Standard Bank - Zee-Caroline Walters: Conference
mrpcareers - then and now.pdf - Kyle Black - QNE
Only a click away - Grant Krog - Deloitte: Conference
Preparing future Leadeers - LEAD - QNE
SAGEA QNEPresentationJHB4Oct2007.pdf - Employer Branding - QNE
SAGEA Seminar CT July04.ppt - CareerJunction: E-Recruitment - QNE
Swimming upstream_An EVP journey - Meryl Folb - Conference
Try before you buy - Mike Hill - Conference
World Class Talent Aquisition - Kevin Wheeler: Conference
Developing business ready graduates, fast - The Graduate Edge - Development Beyond Learning: Conference
Polishing the Diamonds - Graduate Development and Employability - PWC - Sonia Stockton: Conference
Love them or loose them - Carl Gilleard: Conference
Talent Retention Study - SAGE Research 2015
Using energy manaqement as a tool to engage and retain your graduate talent - Kaya Consulting: Conference
Assessment in Virtual Reality - CAPP - Imagine a virtual world so convincing, that your subconscious truly believes it is there.
Future of Assessment Technology - Fred Guest: Conference
How Video Selection is changing the face of Graduate Recruitment - Jo Watt - Sonru: Conference
Practical Implications of Engagement Drivers - CEB - Ceri Nielsen: Conference
SAGEA Webinar: Considering an Alternative form of Assessment: Strengths-based Assessment - Recorded Webinar
Strength-based Assessments - Recruiting following strengths aligned methodologies provides organisations with leading edge talent acquisition solutions, which enable them to attract and select candidates that not only perform exceptionally well in role - but also display genuine moti
The New Buzz Word in Graduate Recruitment: Big Data - CEB: Conference
Use of Assessments in Graduate Programmes - Guidelines for Assessments in selecting and developing graduates
Access and Selection - Professor Ian Scott: QNE
Crafting strategic interventions for student career preparedness - A Case-study of Careers Service at the University of the Western Cape: Conference
Directions and key choices in South African higher education - Prof Ian Scott: QNE
Enhancing Employability - the UCT Challenge - Anne Short: QNE
HESA Employer Satisfaction Survey - HESA - Patrick Fish: Conference
Higher education and national development: A view of current output and educational challenges - Prof Ian Scott: QNE
Higher Education student headcount by Nationality 2013 - HEMIS
Old patterns and new developments: What should be the focus of higher education development over the next five years? - Ian Scott: QNE
Redefining the Value of University Education and Workforce Preparation - Andrew Ceperley: Conference
Relationship Management - AM Martin - Conference
SAGEA pres sept 2004 TUKS CPC - final.ppt - University of Pretoria - Conference 2007
Supporting Employers & HE Careers: Services through collaboration - AGCAS Margaret Dane: Conference
2014 South African Student Data - Hemis data analysis
2015 South African Student Data - Hemis data analysis
SABPP-HR-Standards - SABPP - Marius Meyer: QNE
Template - Planning your selection process - Ben Reeves: Conference
SAGEA-conference-agenda-2013-web.pdf - SAGEA Conference Agenda 2013
SAGEA-Leadership Dilemmas.pdf - Rasoava Rijamampianina - Conference
The Art of Networking - Helen Nicholson: QNE
History of SAGEA - where we started - Cathy Sims: QNE
PAIA manual -

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